Bartending can be a hobby but take it to the next level with us! Shake up your very own drink with the flavours that you have been searching for with our professional guidance.


New Skill
In 30 Days

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Casual Worshop

There is no limitation as to who can mix their own drinks! Young or old, quirky or simple, there is definitely a drink tailored for you! How about shaking up a drink specially mixed for your family and friends on their special day?

Full Module Workshop

Interested in building a career or pick up an intersting skill in bartending? Don’t let it just remain as an unfulfilled dream! There should be nothing stopping you now with The Barwagon’s full module workshop so join us today!


Interested in knowing how your favourite drink in the bar is shaken? Or looking to impressed your close ones with new skills and knowledge on bartending? Wait no more! Join us today for a session of cocktail making to understand your drinks!


We’ve all heard of team building activities. However, they don’t have the best reputation. In fact, team building games have unfortunately garnered a reputation of being plain boring! Despite this bad rep, your company’s team building session doesn’t necessarily have to follow this direction. Instead, go out-of-the-ordinary by organising a bartending session where you and your colleagues can not only learn to make your own cocktails but also learn a new bartending trick or two!


Hoping to kickstart a professional career in bartending? Allow our professional and experienced bartenders guide and train you in this exciting journey! We garuntee the training provided will equip you with the right skills, poise as well as knowledge to be a professional bartender!

Learn from the best

Hoping to pursue a new hobby? Looking to work or run a bar? The Barwagon Academy is the perfect place for you pickup bartending skills. Our bartending school offers top quality professional training to make you a professional and qualified bartender. You will be learning from a team of professional bartenders who have experience working internationally. If you are looking for a bartending school whose training and certification prepares you to start work in the bartending space, The Barwagon Academy does just that!